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Aerize Explorer - File Explorer and Archive Management Utility

The original file and archive utility, with an advanced and intuitive file browser interface, Aerize Explorer can quickly and easily manage all of the files, folders, and zip archives on your BlackBerry®. Explore files and folders on your device or removable media card, search for video files, pictures files and music files. Open a zip file, perhaps add a photo to a new zip file? Compress and decompress files to save and free up precious space on your device and removable media card storage memory.

This file explorer can browse SD Cards, explorer internal BlackBerry® file system, and explore zip file contents, recognizing common file types such as images, videos, music, and PDF files. You can browse basic file information or launch files using the associated application. Start exploring the entire file system, not just the documents folder. Start using Aerize Explorer today!

Notable Features:
✔ Manage and move files and folders between your device and media card
✔ Compress and decompress files and folders (Zip and Unzip)
✔ Manage files, folders and archives on internal device memory
✔ Manage files, folders and archives on removable media cards
✔ View file properties, view zip file properties
✔ Move files, Delete files, Copy/Copy/Paste files

--- REVIEWS ---

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Looks great and lets me see all of the files on my device and card easily

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ - Great space saver, lets me move large files from device memory to the storage card and lets me create zip archives, get it now.

---- TIPS ----

Want to make a new zip?
✔ Create a folder, add what you want, then compress.

Want a faster BlackBerry?
✔ Ensure files are on the Media card.

Want to scroll fast?
✔ Press space

Want to delete a file?
✔ Press DEL

Get Aerize Explorer at BlackBerry World

Aerize Explorer v1.x (Pre BlackBerry OS 4.5)

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