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How To Create a BlackBerry Media Card (SD Card) app file for WhatsApp Messenger for use with Aerize Loader

The process of creating an application file for your media card isn't very difficult, but does require a few steps to accomplish. This is a short tutorial to create the files needed for WhatsApp Messenger for Blackberry.

1. Find the OTA JAD location. When you search for WhatsApp with Google to find the OTA location, you are met with a roadblock, the download site doesn't work unless you are using a blackberry device to view the site. So we need to use our BlackBerry to find the URL for the JAD.

- a. Open the WhatsApp url for an OTA install on the BlackBerry device.
- b. Highlight the Download Now button, and choose 'Copy Link' from the menu.
- c. Save the URL for the OTA JAD link:
BB OS7+:

2. Download every COD file from the JAD file, and add it to a zip file. the COD files will be listed as RIM-COD-URL:, RIM-COD-URL-1:, RIM-COD-URL-2:, etc.. The url to download each COD will be the same as the JAD, simply replace the very last WhatsApp.jad with the COD filename, for instance:

3. Rename the zip file to "WhatsApp.2.9.5459.cod" and copy to the /loader/ folder on your SD Card. Now you have a Google Maps Media Card app for Aerize Loader! The icon should automatically appear on your home screen.

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