Aerize Toolbox Pro
for Windows Phone 8 | v1.0.0.0
and Windows Phone 7 | v1.0.0.0

Aerize Toolbox - Quick and easy tile based access for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8

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With integrated playlist controls and Camera Lens access, Aerize Toolbox provides a full featured Live Tile manager with unprecedented access to common tasks. Add and manage live tiles for system settings shortcuts, messaging and custom actions. Professionally designed with ease of use in mind, Aerize Toolbox allows customization of images and background colors with full customization of any action. Get it now.

Aerize Toolbox has been optimized to provide customizable access with an intuitive interface that needs almost no learning to master. Simply select a mode, pin mode, lens mode, playlist mode, or edit mode and then select the tiles you want. Simple yet powerful. You can even create completely custom tiles to use from the Start screen, Playlist Controls or the Camera lens.

Access tasks with a tap of a tile or from anywhere using the Playlist Controls, perhaps lock screen rotation directly from the camera? With Aerize Toolbox, its easier than ever and never further than a tap. Consideration has been extended to creating the most direct path to common tasks allowed by Windows Phone.

Manage live tiles with ease with integrated Playlist Control and Camera Lens access. Aerize Toolbox offers shortcuts not only to system settings, but also to common actions such as a phone call, messaging, or even a web page. You can create an unlimited amount of tiles that provide instant access to common tasks.

Praise is flooding in for Aerize Toolbox, its a big hit with users! We are listening, so be sure to send us feedback with ideas for improvements or ways to make tasks even easier. Go ahead and leave us a 5 star review, users are already saying:

* "I can't imagine living without it"
* "must have"
* "Unbelievably simple and elegant"

NOTE: Windows Phone 7 edition lacks full functionality, for full feature set please upgrade to the latest edition of Windows Phone.
NOTE: Some tiles require Windows Phone 8 Update 3 (GDR3) or higher, including Aerize Rotation Lock and Aerize Battery Saver.

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