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Aerize Loader - Install Manager and SD Card Application Loader

How to place an app on a media card (SD Card)

BlackBerry applications come as a COD file. Depending upon the application, the COD file may be a container with multiple COD files inside. The easiest way to package a BlackBerry Application is with a COD Container, simply put the COD Parent file, along with any of the optional COD children into the root folder of a zip file and rename the file as a COD file. There are multiple methods to retrieve COD files for BlackBerry Applications.

1. BB World: If you are using BlackBerry World, you will want to install the app completely then use the JavaLoader tool to copy the installed application from the device to your computer, then package the application files into a COD Container. How to use JavaLoader.exe from the BlackBerry Developer Kit.

2. OTA: If you are downloading a BlackBerry Application from your device with the device web browser, the install will begin with a JAD file. You can download the JAD file and it will list all of the COD files that are included with the application. Download each COD file separately and package them into a COD container.

3. PC: Some applications are made to install with the BlackBerry Desktop manager, these will contain an ALX and COD files, the COD file for these installations is generally a Container COD, so you simply need to open the BlackBerry Desktop Managers Application Loader folder and copy the COD for the application.

Get Aerize Loader at BlackBerry World

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